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Selected Performances

2022trackMilton Babbitt: My Ends are My Beginnings
2021videoNicole Margaret Mitchell: Cult of Electromagnetic Connectivity
2021albumAlvin Lucier: Monteverdi Shapero (with Claire Chase)* (As player and producer)
2021videoUnsuk Chin: Advice from a Caterpillar, for solo bass clarinet
2021videoAndrea González: Jabberwocky*
2021trackJoshua Rubin: Public Speaker #1*
2021trackinti figgis-vizueta: Openwork, knotted object...
2021trackEllen Reid: Soundwalk*
2021trackDai Fujikura: Sandpiper, for Eb Clarinet*
2021videoDark Music Days: Works by Anthony Braxton & Bergrun Snæbjörnsdóttir*
2020videoNathan Davis: dow'pher (with Ryan Muncy)*
2020videoFernanda Cabral Kañetas: the possible encounters revealed as NOTHINGNESS
2020videoNicole Mitchell: Inescapable Spiral Remote*
2020albumJohn Zorn: Les Maudits*
2020albumAugusta Read Thomas: The Auditions*
2020albumBinaural Distancing March​/​April 2020 (with Ross Karre)*
2020videoClaude Vivier: Kopernikus (opéra-rituel de mort)
2020videoPeak Performances: Appalachian Spring/The Auditions (with Martha Graham Dance Company)
2019videoMario Diaz de Leon: Mysterium
2019albumMario Diaz de Leon: Cycle and Reveal*
2019albumDavid Lang: Anatomy Theater*
2019trackMilton Babbitt: Composition for Four Instruments
2019albumRebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi: Tacit-Citat-Ion - Modern Chamber Works*
2019albumUri Caine: The Passion of Octavius Catto*
2019albumZosha Di Castri: Tachitipo*
2019albumRand Steiger: Coalescence Cycle Volume 1*
2018albumAnthony Cheung: Cycles and Arrows*
2018albumIngrid Laubrock: Contemporary Chaos Practices*
2018albumAnna Thorvaldsdottir: Aequa*
2018albumDu Yun: Dinosaur Scar* (As player and producer)
2018videoOkkyung Lee: ha-yeom
2018albumSteve Reich: Pulse*
2018videoGeorge Lewis: Voyager
2018albumWang Lu: Urban Inventory*
2017albumGeorge Lewis: The Will To Adorn*
2017albumDalia Raudonikytė With: Solitarius*
2017videoLiza Lim: How Forests Think
2017videoPauline Oliveros: Earth Ears
2017albumChaya Czernowin: Wintersongs*
2017albumJohn Zorn: There is No More Firmament*
2016videoCaroline Shaw: This might also be a form of dreaming *
2016albumRyan Muncy: ism(As producer)
2016albumElliot Sharp: Tranzience*
2016albumDai Fujikura: My Letter to the World*
2016videoLuigi Nono: Polifonica-Monodica-Ritmica
2016albumAesopica: Music of Marcos Balter*
2016albumNathan Davis: On the Nature of Thingness*
2016albumJohn Zorn: Commedia Dell’arte*
2015videoMichael Finnissy: Forest
2015albumReiko Füting: Names Erased*
2015albumMario Diaz de Leon: The Soul is the Arena*
2015videoGeorge Lewis: Afterword, An Opera*
2015albumDai Fujikura: Mina*
2015videoMaria Stankova: Movement for clarinet and soprano (with Alice Teyssier)*
2014videoChristian Wolff: Serenade
2014videoChristian Wolff: Pete*
2014albumVijay Iyer: Rites of Holi*
2014videoOlivier Messiaen: Chants de Terre et de Ciel (arr. Cliff Colnot)
2014albumJohn Zorn: Fragmentations, Prayers And Interjections*
2014trackMikael Karlsson: Coin*
2014albumDai Fujikura: Ice*
2014albumMario Diaz de Leon: Enter Houses Of*
2014trackDai Fujikura: Phantom Splinter*
2013albumJoshua Rubin: There Never is No Light* (As player and producer)
2013trackBryan Jacobs: TsTs*
2013trackJoshua Rubin & Cory Smythe: Toast*
2013albumJohn Zorn: On The Torment Of Saints, The Casting Of Spells And The Evocation Of Spirits*
2013trackMilton Babbitt: Composition for Twelve Instruments
2012trackMikael Karlsson: Final Arrangements (feat. Lydia Lunch)*
2012videoSteve Lehman: Impossible Flow*
2012videoOlivier Messiaen: Chant (dans le style Mozart)
2012albumIannis Xenakis: Xenakis Edition 13
2012trackElliott Carter: Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux (with Claire Chase)
2012albumJohn Zorn: Music and Its Double*
2012albumRafiq Bhatia: Yes It Will*
2012videoJohn Cage: Telephone and Birds
2011videoPhyllis Chen: Chimers*
2011albumJoseph Brent: Mandolin Plays Nocturnes and Caprices by David Loeb*
2011videoGeorge Lewis: Artificial Life 2007
2011videoLive from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway*
2011albumJohn Adams: Son of Chamber Symphony / String Quartet*
2010albumMusic of Arlene Sierra Vol 1*
2010videoKlezmer Freilach (arr. Joshua Rubin)*
2010albumMatthias Pintscher: sonic eclipse*
2010albumJason Eckardt: Undersong*
2009trackR. Strauss: from Duet Concertino (arr. Joshua Rubin)
2009albumCedille on the Move
2008albumNathan Davis: The Bright and Hollow Sky *
2008albumAbandoned Time*
2007albumAcrobats: Music of David Leisner*
2007albumHa-Yang Kim: Ama*
2006albumGeorge Crumb Edition Vol. 12
2003albumHuang Ruo: Chamber Concertos Nos. 1-4*

  * = premiere recording